Using Packer and Ansible

3 minute read

Collection of labs using Packer and Ansible to automate VM image creation and management

Azure Lighthouse

3 minute read

Azure Lighthouse enables service providers to automate and scale

SAP Systems Journey to Azure

17 minute read

Learn about SAP Systems journey to Azure & and how that unlocks Innovation by Integration with Azure Services.


11 minute read

Standard machine configuration for the automation labs

Azure Policy and Initiatives

3 minute read

Governance starts with policy compliance. Work through these labs to make Azure Policy and Initiatives work for you.

Windows Terminal

7 minute read

Build and deploy the new open sourced Windows Terminal

Integrating with Azure Search

14 minute read

An overview of the custom integration between Azure Citadel and Azure Search for indexing of static pages, and allowing users to search the site

Azure Databricks Level-400 Workshop

5 minute read

Azure Databricks Level-400 Workshop, this landing page defines the structure, content, targeted audience for the Azure Databricks workshop.

Anomaly Detection with Azure Databricks

8 minute read

A step-by-step guide to detect Anomalies in the large-scale data with Azure Databricks MLLib module. In this tutorial we will learn various Noval Techniques ...

Smilr - Microservices

3 minute read

Learn about microservices and modern optimized application architecure, with a working reference application