The following steps have been checked using the Windows Subsystem for Linux with both az and azcopy installed.

Initial Steps

Login to Azure, create the resource group and add the preview storage commands to the CLI.

az login
az account show
az group create --name azcopya2a --location westeurope
az extension add --name storage-preview

West Europe storage account

Create the v2 storage account, store the key

az storage account create --name azcopya2asrc --resource-group azcopya2a --location westeurope --kind StorageV2 --sku Standard_LRS
srckey=$(az storage account keys list --account-name azcopya2asrc --resource-group azcopya2a --query "[1].value" --output tsv)

North Europe storage account

Repeat for North Europe.

az storage account create --name azcopya2adst --resource-group azcopya2a --location northeurope --kind StorageV2 --sku Standard_LRS
dstkey=$(az storage account keys list --account-name azcopya2adst --resource-group azcopya2a --query "[1].value" --output tsv)

Copy a sample HTML webpage locally

git clone
rm -fR azure101-webapp-html/.git
cd azure101-webapp-html

Create the static website in the source storage account

az storage container create --name \$web --account-name azcopya2asrc --account-key $srckey
azcopy --source ~/azure101-webapp-html/ --destination\$web/ --dest-key $srckey --recursive
az storage blob service-properties update --account-name azcopya2asrc --static-website --404-document 404.html --index-document index.html
az storage account show --name azcopya2asrc --output tsv --query primaryEndpoints.web

The last line shows the static web page endpoint. Copy into your browser to check that the page is working.

Copy the files recursively from one storage account to another

az storage container create --name \$web --account-name azcopya2adst --account-key $dstkey
azcopy --source\$web/ --destination\$web/ --source-key $srckey --dest-key $dstkey --recursive
az storage blob service-properties update --account-name azcopya2adst --static-website --404-document 404.html --index-document index.html
az storage account show --name azcopya2adst --output tsv --query primaryEndpoints.web

Check that the destination storage account’s static website is up. Done.


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